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ALLY© creates unique Spaces with Soul. Bringing together Real Estate, Interior Design, Visual Identity and ART of Living. Building a “total” work of ART for people looking to improve their lifestyle and business. USING IDEAS AND IMAGES THAT ADD VALUE, BRING COMFORT AND SUCCESS.

Aleona Kudrevich is an International Artist with Russian roots, based in Spain. She creates exclusive Space Design & Branding for private and public places from 2002: bars, restaurants, shops, hotels, offices, beauty salons, yacht, villas and apartments. She designs 3d project, unites the team and supervises, building solid bridge between Dream Vision and its materialization. With mission to create an Art piece for better quality of life.

Aleona has professional degree in Product Design of Bauhaus University of Arts and Industry. She is also post graded in Art Direction and Business Development. Her style based on a constructivist tradition, functionality and simplicity through the use of basic geometrical forms and patterns.

In 2005 She has launched ALLY© as a solid design solution for people, looking to improve their lifestyle and business. We realize projects one by one, working on booking base. We are dedicated to your growth. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries. We will be happy to make your Dream Space come true! is my Artistic name for already more then 15 years. With name ALLY© I do all my art projects and SPACE.CAT® – is Fashion & Beauty brand i design.

So, – Why SPACE.CAT? Combination of this words is very powerful for me and inspires me a lot in my creative work..

SPACE is connecting me to imagination, dreams that becomes real and infinite creative force of this Universe. Space is empty and at the same time full of possibilities, where only limit for creation is you, your profesional skills and knowledge. Is that fifth element, that bring sense and soul to your interior and exterior Spaces.

CAT From old times cats were recognized as connectors between spiritual and material worlds. They can perceive and transform the energy even before it materialized. Cats clean from low vibes and bring harmony to the Space. Maybe thats why in Russia people still follow this tradition: Getting a new house, first - let Cat come in!

HOME STAGING Home Staging is powerful Real Estate marketing tool to give your home the "WOW" factor in moment you want to sell or rent your property. The key to success is to sell good energy, feelings and emotions. A buyer must feel your house warm and cosy, that makes him want to move in straight away. ALLY© Home Staging in Mallorca maximizes potential of your house and rise its value. Using colors, textiles, furniture, decorative elements, other creative tools and professional skills - to turn your house into a dream Home that most visitors desire. Stage your home and get any price you want right now!

INTERIOR DESIGN Peace begins at home. We create unique private and public Spaces. Transforming and uplifting the properties. You can chose any of our services separately or get The Start Up pack, where we take care of all creative process and assist our clients from choosing a property to opening the Doors.

CUSTOM DESIGN We design wide range of products: furniture, lamps, bar design, shop windows, stands etc. Apart of visual appearance we pay careful attention to usability, production technology and materials we use to produce the item.

WALL ART Wall Art brings personality and Artistic Touch to the Space, making it really special and remarkable. We create Original Wall Paintings uniquely for a particular Space needs and clients Style preferences. For custom orders – contact us in private. To buy Art Print – just go to our Art Shop.

BRANDING Branding & Visual Identity is an important part of Self realization in contemporary world. For successful companies, brand equity is the most valuable asset they own. We help to build personal Brand identity and style, creating Logo design, book illustrations, web, shop windows and other graphics.

ART DIRECTION : PROJECT MANAGEMENT Ally© personally chooses all suppliers and workshops we collaborate. As well She does supervise herSelf our projects in production time. That’s how we achieve best quality in materialization of Dream Vision. Where each little detail is important, makes sense and bring Harmony and Beauty to the Space.


If you are interested in our services, send e-mail or call +34663238800. Since all our work is performed on custom basis, final price will depend on specific projects details.

home staging and interior design by artist
before and after PoloPelo salon design by Ally
before and after TravelPerk office design by Ally
before and after exclusive apartment design by Ally
before and after TravelPerk office design by Ally
before and after club design by Ally
before and after TravelPerk office design by Ally
before and after Alquimia shop design by Ally
before and after Ogi bar design by Ally
before and after wall art painting by Ally


EVENTS Ally© gives private art classes and participate in special events with Art performance and exhibition. Just contact us for any enquiries.

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